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[Archive] What I'm doing now

Update: August 13th, 2018


After 4.5 years together I proposed to the love of my life, Megan, on the most beautiful beach we've ever seen at Byron Bay, Australia. And she said yes. We're still figuring out the details but likely tie the not early 2019.

We're planning on staying in California for a few more years but Melbourne is calling. Life is good to us in Cali, gotta make the most of it.

I'm trying to get back to Melbourne ~3 times per year to visit the fam, especially my nieces Poppy, Quinn & Mira and nephew Wolfe.

Oh and our cat has finally been certified as cutest cat in the neighbourhood by our local coffee shop / gallery / video store.


I've been heads down the last few months working on a new venture out of Very Labs. It's a fintech company with a new take on expense management, playing to one of my ideation theses of "build on the new infrastructure" and "what's old is new again". Expect a launch early October.

I've stepped back from active mentoring at Startmate for the rest of this year but still advising 2 Australian companies.

We've been bootstrapping the business so I'm doing a couple of days a week consulting with on product strategy, pricing, customer validation, user research & growth. Clients have included everyone from public companies like Shopify to early stage fast-growth startups like Biteable.

Got a project you need help with? Drop me a line at


I was training heavily for a marathon earlier this year, getting up to running a little over a half marathon (13.1 miles) every Sunday. And then I got a hot spot on the balls of my feet and adjusted my running style to compensate. Next minute I've got a fracture in my foot and 3+ months of wearing a space boot. No bueno.

After three months off I've gained 20lbs and now heading back to Crossfit to get healthy again before starting the road to recovery with running towards the end of the year.


I write to help me better understand myself and to clarify my thinking.

Most of what I write I'll never publish, or just internally for work. What I do publish is up on Medium.

Outside of I've been writing about my experience over the last 12+ months in discovering what I'm best suited to work on, and the mental models I used to identify business ideas that met my appetites.

Ping me on Twitter if you're searching for your next project and keen to review early drafts.



I pushed myself to my limits earlier this year in marathon training and learned some hard lessons. I definitely have more gas in the tank, I just need to tune the body a little bit more - and push the mind further.

Great quick read on "the curiously elastic limits of human performance".

What I know about running coffee shops

I have no intention of ever running a coffee shop but love the common sense approach to what it takes to run one. I'd love to read similar books for related small businesses that make them more accessible.

Talking to friends in the industry it sounds like this has become somewhat of a bible in the space.

What's the bible in your industry/category?


Dave Chang podcast

Founder of Momofuku talks with friends about work & life and everything in between.

Particularly enjoyed the episode w/ Nick Kroll to learn how they both came up together and struggled to stick with traditional roles in their industries. Imagine if Dave had got that Head Chef job he wanted as a young buck, or Nick had joined SNL?

This guy works his ass off but always seems to be having fun.

Startup: Church Planting

Latest season of Startup covers the concept of Church Planting: creating new congregations from scratch. I'm not a religious person but can appreciate the parallels with startups in creating new places of community around shared values.

Music-wise I've been revisiting the Clams Casino E.P and everything Al Green.


Mike's Hot Honey

This stuff is insanely good: chilli-infused honey you can we put on pretty much anything. Pizza, ice cream, ice tea. Not a huge honey fan but this is great.

If it's not Mike's it's Aardvark hot sauce.